Hardship License Work Letters

In order to get a work license from the Division of Insurance Board of Appeal, you must supply adequate documentation to show that you need a driver’s license in order to work. The Board of Appeal will not grant you a hardship license for work purposes if you are unemployed and you cannot demonstrate that you have a viable job offer or that you are actively engaged in a job search and the only thing that his holding you back from gainful employment is the lack of a driver’s license

Massachusetts courts have ruled that the granting of a hardship license is considered “extraordinary relief” and that they should only be granted in cases where the Appellant has demonstrated that he or she has a legitimate and substantial hardship.

The Board of Appeal has denied Appellants who are unable to demonstrate a substantial enough of a work-related hardship. There must be sufficient evidence to show that a person seeking relief has a need for the license beyond the mere inconvenience associated with a suspension or revocation. For example, if someone is able to get to and from work, but not able to work overtime due to the lack of a license, that generally will not constitute a substantial enough of a hardship to qualify.

The best work letters contain information regarding the employee’s value to the organization, his or her work hours, and a statement regarding the importance of punctuality and good attendance. If the employee needs to drive as part of his or her work duties, that requirement should be thoroughly explained in the work letter.

Work letters for repeat OUI offenders, who need to drive as part of their job duties and drive company vehicles, should contain some acknowledgement indicating that the person’s employer understands that he or she will be ignition interlock required while on any hardship license and for 2 years after getting a full reinstatement.

My office can provide you with sample letters which the Board of Appeal has accepted in prior cases. My office can also provide you with sample documentation for medical or educational related hardship appeals.