Common Hardship License Denial Reasons

There are many reasons why you may be denied a hardship license either at the Registry of Motor Vehicles or the Board of Appeal. Some denial reasons include: recent evidence of operating after suspension, the lack of adequate paperwork or documentary evidence, recent criminal activity, probation violations, a high breathalyzer reading, prior hardship relief, a high risk of recidivism / relapse, failure to satisfy treatment goals, a court-ordered license suspension, being blocked in the National Driver Register (NDR) and an inadequate showing of hardship.

Effective case preparation is essential to avoid being denied a hardship license for one of the above-listed reasons. One of the services that my office provides to our clients is a complete review of your situation prior to your Board of Appeal hearing. We work to anticipate and address potential problems and pitfalls as part of a case screening process. This will reduce your chances of being refused relief and increase your chances of success before the Board.

You should satisfy all unpaid obligations prior to your hearing before the Board of Appeal. This includes parking tickets, excise tax, and registry defaults. Any relief afforded will be contingent upon satisfying these obligations and paying them in advance of your hearing shows responsibility and that you are serious about obtaining a hardship license.

You should be prepared to explain anything that appears on your criminal record and any open or closed restraining orders. The Registry’s advocate and the Board members will be on the lookout for anything that suggests an alcohol problem or substance abuse issue, even if it does not relate to the operation of a motor vehicle.

Between the time your appeal is filed and your hearing is scheduled, you will have time to review your driving record, criminal record, Registry documents and your court records. My office can assist with this review as part of the case preparation process. Do not take a chance before the Board of Appeal without adequate preparation. Appearing unprepared could result in denial which would require you to serve the full suspension with no relief.