Driving Class Q&A


My son is 18 years old. He signed up for Marine Corp boot camp at Parris Island, SC and left on Labor Day. A few weeks prior he received a speeding ticket for going 75 MPH on Mass. 195. I wanted him to contest the $200 speeding ticket to ask for some leniency considering his decision to enter the Marines coupled with the fact that he was “only” going 75 on a US interstate highway. Two police officer friends of mine said this was somewhat of a petty citation.  My son’s Marine recruiter said we had to pay it and supply a receipt prior to his ship date which I did. After he left I received the dreaded letter in the mail stating his license was revoked for 90 days, $500 reinstatement which in and of itself would be understandable. However, he only has 10 days of leave which started Monday. The RMV does not have the SCARR classes available within that time frame and as I am sure you know he needs to take a full exam again!! Is there anything we can do? Should he go to Camp Pendleton, California and try to work it out during his school of infantry ( which is where he goes next ). I don’t even know if the Marines will give him the time to take those classes while in the school of infantry.

I fully respect the intent of these laws but feel this certainly would be an instance for some leniency considering my son has recently graduated a US Marine and only has 10 days leave since his graduation last Wednesday.

Please let me know if there is any recourse here.

The Answer:

Unfortunately, the RMV will not waive the class requirements. He will not be able to reinstate his license until he completes the classes and all of the other reinstatement requirements.