Driving While Suspended After OUI: No Hardship License

Here’s what the prospective client had to say:

I recently received a DUI .28, during the initial 30 day suspension I made the stupid decision to drive and was pulled over and charged with operating after suspension. I hired a defense attorney for the DUI/suspension charges. He was able to get the DA to accept a suspended sentence for the DUI along with the negligent op, marked lanes, speeding violations. But I did have to plead out on the operating with suspended lic. I have now begun my 60 day suspension for this. While my attorney is good, I am looking to hire someone who specializes in Hardship licenses to prepare my case as it is imperative that I receive a hardship if eligible.

The answer:

Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way that this person is going to be granted a hardship license. Nothing rubs the Board of Appeal the wrong way more than a recent Operating After Suspension charge,  especially when it is connected with a recent breathalzyer failure and administrative per se suspension.

Here, this individual got arrested for DUI and blew a .28, more than 3 times the legal limit. He was charged with DUI and had his license suspended for 30 days for failing the breathalzyer. With  days of his DUI arrest, he drove on a suspended license, got stopped and arrested. He won’t be getting a hardship license, no matter how good of a lawyer he has. I wouldn’t take this case to the Board of Appeal because doing so wastes my time and the client’s money. I already know how the Board will rule. Also, with the thousands of appeals that the Board hears each year, they don’t need me bringing in a case such as this.