Get a Hardship License

There a multitude of ways that you can lose your license or driving privileges in the State of Massachusetts. Hardship licenses are available for some suspensions and not available in others. For example, except in first offense and second chance first offense cases, there are no hardship licenses available for chemical test or breathalyzer refusal suspensions.

Whether you can get a hardship license and the potential source of the license will depend on the type of suspension or revocation, how much time you have served, your driving record, and a several other key factors.

If you are in need of a hardship license, I invite and encourage you to contact me for a no obligation consultation and review of your situation. After speaking with me, you will know exactly where you stand. You will know whether you are eligible for hardship consideration and what your chances are. You will also know whether you can get a hardship license from the Registry of Motor Vehicles or whether you will have to try to get a hardship license by appealing your license revocation or suspension to the Board of Appeal. For example, the Registry will not grant any type of hardship, limited, or restricted license on a suspension for 7 surchargeable events. However, the Board of Appeal has granted hardship licenses for these suspensions, even when the Registry refuses to even consider the issuance of a hardship license.

You can research hardship licensing procedures by reviewing the appropriate section of this website or by contacting Attorney Brian E. Simoneau. I have been representing clients before the RMV and Board of Appeal for years. I can advise you of what steps you can take to get your right to drive legally reinstated.