License Fraud Hearings at the Mass. RMV

false_licenseThe Special Investigation Unit of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Enforcement Services Unit of the Massachusetts State Police conduct license fraud hearings at the State Transportation Building, which is located at the corner of Stuart Street and Park Plaza in Boston, Massachusetts. This location is accessible by public transportation. The MSP Enforcement Services Section is located on the 2nd floor of the building, behind the library.

This is a secure facility and you will undergo screening prior to entry. You must have a valid photo ID to get into the building and you will be issued a visitor’s nametag. You should allow for additional time to go through security screening.

License fraud hearings must be scheduled in advance and absolutely no walk-in hearings are granted. You are entitled to lawyer represent you and legal representation is highly recommended. License fraud is a felony under Massachusetts Law and these cases may also involve the violation of federal laws regarding taxes, immigration, and social security related offenses. Also, license fraud carries automatic license suspensions for which the Registry will not grant you a hardship license, without a valid order from the Division of Insurance Board of Appeal.

There are two primary issues to be addressed at every “Comp. Fraud Lic/ID” hearing. The first issue to be addressed is that the customer must prove his or her true identity to the complete satisfaction of the hearings officer, who has specialized training and experience in the area of identity theft and fraud.

In order to qualify for a Massachusetts Driver’s License, you must be a Massachusetts resident and you must prove your address. You can do this by submitting something such as a utility bill or letter from the RMV which mailed to your residence. The mail piece should be not more than 30 days old and it must list your current residential address. Mail listing PO Boxes is unacceptable.

You must next prove your true date of birth. You can prove this with a valid government issued document such as a passport bearing your photograph or an original birth certificate with a raised seal. A DD-214 which lists your DOB is also acceptable as are certain other official documents.

Finally, you must prove your signature with an official government-issued document such as a social security card, certain official U.S. Immigration documents, or an official license such as a signed License to Carry Firearms.

Once the hearings officer is satisfied regarding your proof of identity, you will be required to explain why the Registry has evidence of driver’s license fraud. Most cases originate due to facial recognition. However, there are a variety of other reasons for a fraud cause, such a referral from the Compliance Unit of the Massachusetts State Police. A lawyer will be able to help explain your case, so that the Registry is satisfied and the hold is lifted from your record.

In all cases of license fraud, the RMV will indefinitely suspend your license or right to operate and place a hold on your record. You will not be able to conduct any transaction with MassDOt until the hold is lifted and the only way for that to happen is for you to appear before a RMV hearings officer at the SIU in Boston. Contact Attorney Brian Simoneau for more information and a free review of your situation.