Get a Hardship License & Drive Legally

driver_license_massachusettsIf the Massachusetts Department of Transportation has denied you a hardship license, you have the ability to appeal the denial by going before the Board of Appeal of the Massachusetts Division of Insurance of the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation. The Board of Appeal has the lawful authority to order the Registry to grant you a hardship license, or in some cases, a full license reinstatement, even after the Registry of Motor Vehicles has initially declined your request.

If you need to go before the Board of Appeal, this means that there is something about your driving record, criminal history, or the facts of your case which disqualify you from being given hardship driving privileges at the RMV level. The same facts which have prevented you from being given hardship relief at the RMV may make it difficult for you to convince the Appeals Board to grant you a hardship license. Therefore, it makes sense to hire a lawyer who regularly and routinely appears before the Board. To ensure that you’re getting the best legal representation possible, you should ask your lawyer how many Board of Appeal cases he or she has handled and what is his or her win / loss record before the Board. There are some lawyers who do not regularly practice before the Board and they should be avoided.

If you are serious about obtaining a Massachusetts Hardship License, I invite you to contact me for a free consultation and review of your case. After speaking with you, I will candidly advise you regarding your chances of success and I will make recommendations regarding what you need to do to strengthen your case.

There is a lot of misinformation floating around the internet and even among some attorneys regarding hardship licensing eligibility and requirements. After speaking with me, you will know exactly where you stand and whether you qualify for hardship licensing consideration. There may be no need to suffer with a suspended or revoked license when you can lawfully drive. Contact Attorney Simoneau for more information on how you may be able to drive legally.