No Hardship License for Unpaid Financial Obligations


Hi. I lost my license 9 years ago due to unpaid excise tax for a car that was re-possessed the same year that I paid the first excise tax bill that was ever charged to the car. I moved to the state of Maine and had no idea I got charged four more years of excise tax for a car I never owed or drove past 2003. The bank that possessed the car didn’t return the license plates to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles and I was 18 years old at the time and did not know anything about it. Well, when I got pulled over and found out I have no license and got arrested. I went to the Town Hall which was charging me the excise tax and explained the situation. They said it was too late to appeal it. I have tried every route this is my last route to try. I have lost my Massachusetts driver’s license for extremely long time for something I didn’t even do wrong. I tried to get a letter from place I leased car from, but because I owed them $9000.00 they won’t send me the letter so I’m all out of options. Please help me. I’m getting my taxes back this week and I’m a mother of two and I have been out of work a long time due to not having a valid driver’s license and now my children and I are homeless please help. Can I appeal the suspension and have a shot at winning. I have lost so much over this never to mention thousands in court fines. I have met drunk drivers who have better luck then me. I had a great driving record until I turned 18 and wanted to buy a new car, it’s been ten years and I’m still paying for it please help me.


Unfortunately, there is not a thing that I, or the Registry of Motor Vehicles, can do to help you. In order to get your license reinstated, you must provide a release showing either that the outstanding obligations were satisfied or the matter has been resolved with the town which has placed a hold on your license. The RMV does not get involved in these matters and it will only release a hold with written documentation from the municipality which initiated the hold. There is nothing that I can do for you and you must deal with the town.