MA Breath Test Refusal Suspensions

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles imposes license suspensions in varying lengths to penalize drivers who have refused to submit to a chemical breath or blood test, after having been arrested for operating under the influence. These license suspensions range in length from 6 months for first offenders 21 years of age or older, to lifetime for those with 3 prior drunk driving convictions or alcohol program assignments.

Under the Massachusetts implied consent law, in exchange for receiving a Driver’s License, Massachusetts residents agree to consent to a breath or blood test. A refusal to take such a test when arrested for DUI will result in an administrative license suspension. This suspension must be served first, prior to the service of any suspension resulting from the DUI conviction or program assignment. The law allows the Registry to “stack” these suspensions, meaning that the breathalyzer refusal suspension will be served first and the DUI suspension will be served afterwards. For example, a second offender in Massachusetts will have a 3 year breathalyzer refusal suspension which is followed by a 2 year DUI second offense suspension. Thus, the total suspension time is 5 years. 3 years for the refusal and 2 years for the DUI. Breath test refusal suspensions run consecutively in Massachusetts and this is authorized by law.

Unless you are a first offender or a “second chance first offender,” you cannot be considered for any type of work, hardship, or Cinderella license while a chemical test refusal suspension is in effect. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. This means that if your license has been revoked for life for refusing a breath or blood test with 3 prior DUI convictions or alcohol program assignments, you are permanently ineligible for any type of driver’s license. If you are a third offender, you must serve the 5 year refusal suspension before being considered and if you are a second offender, you must serve the 3 year refusal suspension prior to being considered for a hardship license.

If you hold a Commercial Driver’s License and you refused to take a breath or blood test you will have a separate CDL suspension, even if you were not operating a commercial motor vehicle at the time of your arrest. Two refusals or DUI convictions arising out of separate incidents will result in an automatic lifetime CDL revocation / disqualification.

You can appeal a breathalyzer refusal suspension within fifteen (15) days of the suspension by going before a hearing officer at the Registry’s main branch, during normal business hours, at 136 Blackstone Street in Boston. These chemical test refusal (CTR) appeals are granted only on limited grounds.

If the DUI charges are resolved in your favor, you have the right to a hearing before the judge who presided over the DUI trial to have the CTR suspension terminated early. The judge must make written findings and the prosecution has an opportunity to contest reinstatement on the grounds of public safety.