MADD to hold Rally at Statehouse

Tomorrow at 10:00 AM, Mothers Against Drunk Driving will be holding a rally and ignition interlock demonstration on the steps of the Massachusetts Statehouse. The purpose of this event is to demonstrate support for Senate Bill 2445 which will eliminate all DUI hardship license waiting periods and allow repeat offenders to immediately seek license reinstatements. The Bill eliminates all DUI statutory minimum suspension periods, regardless of the number of drunk driving convictions an offender has. It allows the Registry to issue ignition interlock restricted licenses to all drunk drivers, regardless of the number of prior convictions and/or chemical test refusals.

If enacted, this bill will allow those whose licenses have been revoked for life due to breathalyzer refusals to be considered for the immediate issuance of full time driver’s license. Currently repeat offenders are prohibited from being issued a driver’s license while breathalyzer refusal suspensions are in effect. This proposed legislation will allow all those who have refused a breath test, regardless of the person’s driving record, to be immediately considered for the issuance of an ignition interlock restricted license, with no minimum mandatory waiting period.

Senate Bill 2445 will allow those who have been refused licenses by the Registry of Motor Vehicles or Board of Appeal of the Division of Insurance to be re-considered for licensure, without having to serve any additional suspension time.

This legislation will allow repeat DUI offenders to satisfy the Registry’s alcohol education program requirement by simply enrolling in the 24D 1st offender program. Repeat drunk drivers will no longer be required to complete the 14 day in-patient residential program in Tewksbury or a 90 day in-patient alcohol program. Instead, if the new law passes, the first offender out-patient program will be acceptable, no matter how many DUI convictions the offender has on his or her record.