SR-22 Financial Responsibility

SR_22_INSURANCEThe term SR-22 refers to a certificate of insurance or “financial responsibility.” SR-22 issues arise when a driver who is licensed by the Massachusetts Registry is arrested for DUI in another state, such as  Vermont or New Hampshire where SR-22 certificates are required. Because Massachusetts has compulsory liability insurance requirements, SR-22 certificates or proof of financial responsibility is not required. In some other states, where liability insurance is not compulsory, SR-22 motor vehicle departments require SR-22 certificates as a condition of license reinstatement whenever someone is arrested for operating under the influence.

Because SR-22 certificates are not required in Massachusetts, some insurance agents are either unfamiliar with them or reluctant to issue the certificates. However, under the rules of the Mass. Automobile Insurance Bureau, the issuance of SR-22 certificates is mandatory upon request.

The difficulty arises because Massachusetts insurance agents will not issue insurance policies, and therefore SR-22 certificates, to someone whose license is suspended or revoked. This creates a “catch-22” situation; the driver can’t get insurance without a valid license and he or she cannot get a license without proof of insurance.

Notwithstanding the obstacles set forth above,  I have been able to obtain temporary Massachusetts license reinstatements for my clients, so that they can obtain SR-22 insurance certificates and reinstate their driving privileges in the states where their DUI arrests occurred.

Please contact me if you need legal assistance to obtain proof of financial responsibility, which is required in Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and many other states.