Some Mass. Hardship License Q&A


Hi I currently have 8 citations. Before today I had 6 citations and just completed the 8 hour driver retraining class late so my license got suspended. Today I was on my way to a RMV hearing to pay my reinstatement fee. I got pulled over and got a citation for driving on a suspended license and another citation for a inspection sticker. I understand after 7 surchargeable events my license gets suspended again for another 60 days. Is there anything I can do about it? Request a hearing before I wait for my court date? Since I was on my way to pay my reinstatement fee could they give me a break? Just wondering if there was anything that could help me because with a 60 day suspension I am at risk of losing my current job.


The Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Appeals Board will not consider that you were on the way to the Registry when you were stopped and cited for Operating After Suspension and non-inspection, both of which are surchargeable events. Also, given your record, you must be paying a high insurance premium because of the Massachusetts Safe Driver Insurance Plan under which bad drivers are penalized for surchargeable events and insurance companies use a 6 year lookback period.

My recommendation is to appeal the citation, which you must do by presenting the citation to the Clerk-Magistrate’s Office within 4 days of receipt of the citation. You should try to fight these charges because if you are convicted of operating on a suspended license you’ll have an additional suspension for driving while suspended and a 7 surchargeable events suspension. If you’re found responsible for non-inspection, you’ll have another 7 surchargeable events suspension as well.  Consequently, the best course of action is to appeal the citation and hire a lawyer to represent you at the Clerk-Magistrate hearing.

I am Disabled with 4 young children. I received a non-renewal letter due to back excise taxes (double billed after moving), also lost my long standing Director of Sales career due to serious health issues, leading to full disability (2005). Haven’t been able to drive for almost 10 years and desperately need hardship status due to limited income & serious health problems..I have a Clean 18 year driving history.. Please help my children need me to assist with driving them to school/ sports & my medical appointments. I have been punished for 10 years for being disabled.. If I had the money to pay past excise bills and two parking tickets, I would!  I am hoping for your assistance to at least gain hardship status.


Unfortunately, there are no absolutely hardship licenses available for unpaid financial obligations. The only way to get your license reinstated is to pay what you owe.