New Hampshire may soon be Granting Hardship Licenses

The State of New Hampshire does not issue hardship, restricted, Cinderella, or work licenses for any reason. However, that may be changing in the near future. In a bill backed by Mothers Against Drug Driving (MADD), New Hampshire lawmakers are considering granting ignition interlock restricted hardship licenses to first offenders in New Hampshire.

If passed, House Bill 496 will allow those convicted of a first offense DUI in New Hampshire to be considered for a hardship license which would allow the defendant to drive for work, medical, or substance abuse rehabilitation purposes.  Any license issued to the first offenders would be ignition interlock restricted.

The issuance of hardship licenses under this proposed law would be discretionary and it would be up to the court system to decide who would receive these hardship licenses.

Despite opposition from New Hampshire’s police chiefs, the bill has strong support and it appears likely to pass. The Bill is expected to be brought before the full house in early January, 2014.