Operating After Suspension & Hardship Licensing

I recently received this inquiry from an individual who is attempting to obtain a hardship license.

Good afternoon, I have two oui of liquor. I went to trial last October for my second offense because I blew a .08 and lost. I’m in my first year of the two year suspension. I got arrested again in August for driving on a suspended license. I served 30 days in jail although the court only sentenced me to 10 days. I violated probation my first time. Did the two week program and have one more of after care classes. I drove a car 10 houses and my cousin told the cop I drove. I actually didn’t get arrested in the car I was already at a house. The cops came and arrested me. It’s along story. I was wondering if I could still get a hardship I live in the suburbs and it’s tough to get around. I just made very stupid decisons. I heard they take your license for an additional year and there is no way I could get a hardship I would have to wait the full two years. Is this true? If you could just give me a little feed back and if I am eligible after I complete my last class you could represent me. Thank you for your time.

Unfortunately, getting a hardship license with a recent Operating After Suspension charge on your record is extremely difficult. Expecting that the Board of Appeal would not authorize the issuance of a hardship license, I declined to represent the person. Lately, the Board has expressed a very negative opinion regarding those who make the very poor decision to drive while their license is suspended or revoked for DUI. Recent OAS charges will make getting hardship relief very difficult. Instead of driving while your license is under suspension you should apply for a hardship license, so that you can drive legally. In this case, the driver made no attempt to get a hardship license and now that he has been convicted of driving while suspended, it is likely too late.