RMV Requires Payment of Reinstatement Fees


Hello my name is Stephen. I am 29 Yrs old. I just came across a site and found your contact information. I will start by saying my Mass. Learner’s Permit was suspended in 2005. I received a $500.00 fine for an open container of alcohol violation, the container not being mine. I wasn’t even drinking. That being said, after 8 years I finally got the money to pay the fine of $540. After paying it here in town I was sent to Springfield ma to see a Registry of Motor Vehicle’s hearing’s officer. The hearing officer had stated I had a few convictions at $500 each, But I would only have to pay $500 to reinstate and this was right after paying $540. I had my permit when I first got the open container in 2005, but unsure if I had it with the other convictions. At one point back around the date of 2005. The Judge was wanting me to obtain my license. I do believe it was a condition at one point. I just feel that there should be something I can do about this. 8 years just to come up with $540. I am not working at the moment. Recently dealing with some medical issues involving a cancerous tumor within this yr. My Girlfriends mother recently had a stroke and MA law states she cannot operate a vehicle for at least 6 months. Everything about these convictions were 8+ years ago. I haven’t even had a drink in the last 3. My License is very important right now and am seeking ways around this if there is any. Whether it is court or something financial. On top of medical issues I do not have a stable place to live. Anyways I hope this was not too much.


Unfortunately, you cannot get your license reinstated in Massachusetts or a Mass. hardship license unless and until you pay all of the required reinstatement fees and outstanding obligations such as unpaid traffic tickets.