Out of State DUI Q&A

I need help with reinstating my Mass driver’s license. I have to see a RMV hearing officer, Wilmington is the closest Registry. I am 39 years old and I have never been in trouble before.

I got arrested 2 times in 2 weeks for DUI (I don’t drink by the way). The first one happened in CT — which ended in “Alternate finding” i.e. take a long expensive drug/alcohol class and probation for one year. My lawyer kept “continuing” the case so the second DUI arrest case in Rhode Island finished way before the Connecticut judge assigned probation.  The RI DUI was dropped and has been expunged from my record. I refused the breathalyzer after I was under arrest. I would have easily passed the breathalyzer, but since I felt wrongly arrested in both incidents and since this whole experience was foreign to me, I felt I should contact a lawyer before cooperating anymore. I was found responsible for both refusals. My suspensions are up and MA has sent me letters asking me to see the hearing officer with my papers from RI and CT- the states’ reinstatements and my driving records. I have my court documents as well. I couldn’t tell by the MA letter if they needed those as well.

Here’s the question: Do I go to hearing officer with both sets (CT and RI) of documents or deal with them one at a time? The Rhode Island case finished first so I’ll be receiving that paperwork this week. I’ll be receiving the Connecticut documents the week of November 13th. Thank you in advance for any light you could shed!

Answer: If you hold a Massachusetts Drivers License or live in Massachusetts, and you are convicted of an out of state DUI offense, the Registry of Motor Vehicles will suspend your license unless and until your right to operate is restored in the state where the offense occurred. Also, the Registry will impose an additional suspension which is triggered by being a Mass. resident or license holder and being convicted of an out of state DUI. You need to bring “proof of findings” to the Registry so that the CT offense can be added to your Massachusetts record. Once this happens, the RMV will impose an automatic 1 year DUI 1st offense license suspension. In some cases, this suspension can be reduced.