Out of State Suspension Q&A

Situation: I moved here from the State of Hawaii for work and school. The job that I had lined up for me requires a valid Massachusetts Driver’s License. I have had a DUI in the past, but with no job it was hard to pay the fines. Here, I’ve found work. I just need the right documents and my life will be back on track. I have a child support issue that also put a stop to my license. I intend to pay everything off, but I need the job to do so. This would be perfect and could really use the help.

Answer: Unfortunately, any out of state suspensions will result in you being denied a driver’s license here in Massachusetts.  Whenever you apply for a license, the Registry will check the National Driver Register (NDR) and the Problem Driver Pointer System (PDPS). Any blocks or holds on your record based on out of state suspensions will prevent you from being issued a license here in Massachusetts. You must resolve the suspensions in the state where they have originated. There are absolutely no exceptions to this requirement and you cannot get a hardship license when you have a National Driver Register block in place or an out of state license suspension.